Warehouse Management System
Total warehouse control at your fingertips!

Warehouse Management System

Your end-to-end Solution

Managing on the one hand warehousing activities in a cost-effective manner for your business, and on the other supplies deliveries to your end-customers in a time-efficient manner requires end-to-end control of your stocks. 

Choice of 2 Operating Modes

Our Warehouse Management System (WMS) operates either as a standalone system – deployed on premises and based on your company’s hardware and network system; or as a Cloud-hosted SaaS platform offering flexibility, scalability, security, and disaster recovery. 

State-Of-The Art Warehousing

WMS is an integral and rigorous software: 

  • Visibility into the whole inventory, across warehouses set in different locations.
  • Manages supply chain operations from warehouse via distribution centre to store shelf. 

Right goods on right time

VMS comes with inbuilt modules that combine efficiency with relevance for scalable planning, implementation, and monitoring that keep stock-handling and delivery going smoothly. 

Sectors of Application





Food Production

Key Features & Benefits

  • Rapid Implementation at lower Cost 
  • Built on open source platform 
  • Supports Windows and Linux environments 
  • Supports Automatic Identification (Auto-ID) RFID, QR Code and Barcode scanning. These functionalities ensure data accuracy and easy checkouts.  
  • Bins maintenance 
  • Stock preparation 
  • Inter stock movement 
  • Inventory Tracking & Reporting 
  • Pick & Pack 
  • Shipping, Mobile Shipment & Receipt 
  • FIFO/LIFO/FEFO (First in Final Out/Last in First out/First Expired First out) 

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