Bringing the power of IoT To Africa

What is IoT?

IoT stands for “Internet of Things”. It refers to the use of smart devices fitted with electronic sensors to measure or monitor specific parameters. Connected to the internet, they create a real-time stream to the Cloud and make these data available, through dashboards, to users sharing the eco-system.  

The data can be analysed towards better decision-making and planning, time/cost efficient operations as well as for Research & Development. Cybernaptics is one of the few companies bringing real-world IoT applications to Mauritius. This is the next level of sharp business intelligence and smart management! 

The Quantum Leap To A Smart Africa

IoT ultimately installs a network connecting buildings, businesses, individuals and technology. It brings the physical and virtual world together to create a smart island.  

  • Economic opportunities: business & start-up innovations lead to market expansion. 
  • Sustainable Pan-city initiatives : Connecting households, businesses and entrepreneurs to city-wide infrastructure, facilities and services. 
  • Citizen engagement: Idea-sharing for real-world solutions. 
  • Improved quality of life: Automation and energy-efficiency enhance greener, healthier living. 

Applications & Benefits

IoT-managed industrial logistics, warehousing & supply chain services enhance cost-efficiency
  • 360° view of industrial production, packing lines and distribution channels 
  • Fewer human resources, less human error 
  • Real-time detailed data compilation and analysis 
  • Improved assessment, monitoring and decision-making 
  • Time/cost-effective operations 
  • Smart management 
Smart agriculture as a strategic way forward
  • Necessary modernisation of a sensitive sector 
  • Improved resource management 
  • Intelligent R&D 
  • Enhanced economic viability 
  • 24/7 monitoring 
Efficient energy & utilities management
  • Effective metering and monitoring via a digital dashboard 
  • Distance detection, monitoring and remediation of problems 
  • Energy efficiency = cost efficiency = environmental efficiency 

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